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Editorial Policy

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Editorial policies
The Journal of Basic Research in Medical Sciences (JBRMS) published by Ilam University of Medical Sciences follows the COPE guidelines.
The submission of a manuscript to JBRMS implies that the manuscript complies with the policies of the journal and all authors have read and accepted the guidelines.
The individual contribution of each author should be delineated. The authors should have greatly contributed to the study process, including the conception, design, acquisition of the data, as well as data analysis and interpretation. Moreover, they should respond to the probable questions.
The authors should thank all those who have contributed in carrying out the research, including the publications, resources, organizations, and individuals.
Modification in article
The author is the only one who can apply changes in the article through sending a written request for the publisher and submitting the required documents.
Article submission
The authors should study the "Writing Guide" on the journal page before submitting the article. The paper should be prepared according to the journal structure and policies. The authors mentioned in the article should meet the requirements for the authorizations described above.
Conflicts of interest
The authors should disclose all the financial and other conflicts of interest that might have influenced the results or interpretation of the data. The reviewers should disclose any conflicts of interest and, if necessary, refuse to review when there is conflict of interest. Likewise, the editors should reject any article that may have conflicting interests. Such articles should be submitted to other editors for review.
The articles are like a confidential document; therefore, the publishers, editorial board, and reviewers should observe the confidentiality terms. Therefore, all copies of the manuscripts should be eliminated. Furthermore, any personal or professional use of the data or interpretations before publication without the authors' permission should be avoided
Peer review
The reviewers must adhere to basic principles, including completing the review within the specified time and reviewing the articles for which they are qualified.

Any misconduct in relation to the researchers or authors cannot be overlooked. All allegations of potential misconduct regarding the research and publication misconduct, image manipulation, and plagiarism are seriously dealt with in JBRMS.

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