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Why Submit?

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  • Fast, transparent review
    All submissions received by JBRMS undergo a rigorous review process, free from any biases in selection. Our peer review system is meticulously crafted to uphold principles of fairness, efficiency, and transparency.
    With our pioneering interactive review platform, we strive to maintain a swift turnaround time, typically averaging 90 days from submission to acceptance.
    We ensure that only esteemed researchers within your discipline are enlisted onto our editorial boards. This meticulous selection process guarantees that peer review enhances the quality and impact of your research.
    Our standardized review template fosters a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of submitted manuscripts.
    Facilitating real-time dialogue between authors and review editors expedites the review process, enabling prompt dissemination of research findings.
    While the identities of review editors remain confidential throughout the review phase, they are duly recognized upon article publication. Their invaluable contributions are acknowledged, affirming their pivotal role in the publication process.
  • Rapid publication
    Upon publication, articles become readily accessible, allowing fellow researchers to promptly utilize the findings and advance scientific endeavors without any unnecessary delays, thereby accelerating the pace of scientific progress. On average, it takes an average 10 days from the point of acceptance to the completion of publication.
  • Top researchers as editors
    Among our editorial boards, we handpick exceptional researchers renowned in their respective fields. Their meticulous efforts in enhancing manuscripts during the review process, serve to underscore each publication as a hallmark of exceptional quality.
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