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Archiving Policy

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Archiving serves as a digital preservation method encompassing processes and actions aimed at securing current digital data through backup and sharing to ensure perpetual accessibility.
The journal's digital content holds immense value, prompting the implementation of measures to ensure both immediate access and long-standing preservation. This preservation strategy encompasses the following stages:
- Storing website data
- Collaborating with abstracting/indexing services
- Allowing authors to self-archive
Archiving open-access (OA) journal articles can:
- Ensure continued availability and access to research for relevant audiences.
- Safeguard valuable information from digital deterioration by maintaining content integrity over time.
- Facilitate easy data retrieval from archives during emergencies, ensuring public access to archived journals if original content is lost.
- Enhance journal visibility and discovery by engaging in multiple archival platforms.
- Enable authors to self-archive accepted and published manuscripts for public release on their websites or institutional repositories.
Authors possess copyright over their articles, allowing them to archive both accepted and published manuscripts. Articles published in the OA category face no archiving restrictions, permitting authors to deposit them in institutional and personal repositories post-publication on the journal website. This complies with the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License (CC-BY 4.0).
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