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Our online review system streamlines the article reviewing process for journal or conference reviewers. The key stages of this process for reviewers are outlined below:
  1. Reviewer Registration
    • This step is typically facilitated by the database administrator.
    • To become a reviewer, you must first register as a user in the database by completing the membership registration form available at the following address:
  1. Expertise Determination
    • Upon user registration, the database administrator, in collaboration with the Electronic Reviewing Division, determines the reviewer's access to the review section and defines their specialties for the program.
  2. Access to Manuscripts
    • Once identified as a reviewer in the database, the database administrator grants access to submitted manuscripts based on the reviewer's expertise. Simultaneously, an email containing necessary information is sent to the reviewer.
  3. Entry to the 'Reviewer Section'
    • Reviewers simply need to input their username and password on the 'Home screen' to access the databases.
  4. Password Recovery
    • In case of an incorrect password entry, users are redirected to the 'Retry Page.' For password retrieval, users can visit the 'Password Recovery' page and enter their email address. A new password will then be sent to the registered email address.
    • Direct link to the 'Password Recovery' page:
  5. Manuscript Downloading
    • Reviewers can navigate using the top navigation bar to access the 'Reviewer Section' and view the list of articles awaiting review. The same navigation bar can be used to navigate to other sections.
Review Section
  • The review section comprises three subsections: 'New articles,' 'Uncompleted reviews,' and 'Confirmed reviews.'
  • 'New articles': Contains recently added manuscripts for review. Reviewers can choose to accept or decline reviewing these articles or complete the review form.
  • 'Uncompleted reviews': Lists articles with ongoing review processes. Reviewers can revisit these articles and revise their opinions if necessary.
  • 'Confirmed reviews': Displays confirmed reviews for viewing purposes only. No changes can be made to the manuscripts as the review results have been factored into the article selection process.
Kindly ensure that you submit your comments in the designated "Reviewers' Comments" section instead of directly on the file. Please note that it is not feasible to upload files containing reviewers' comments.


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