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Our online review system expedites the process of reviewing articles by journal or conference reviewers. The general stages of this process for the reviewers are as follows:
  • Reviewer registration
  • Determination of expertise
  • Provision of access to the manuscripts
  • Entrance to the 'Reviewer section'
  • Downloading the articles
Reviewer registration
Note: This step is often performed by the database administrator.
In order to enter to the program as a reviewer, you need to first register as a user in the database. To this end, fill out the membership registration form. This form is available at the following address:
the site url / form_register.php
Determination of expertise
Note: This step is often performed by the database administrator.
After registering as a user, the database administrator may, with the aid of the Electronic Reviewing Division, establish the reviewer’s access to the review section and define the specialties of the reviewer for the program.
Provision of access to the manuscripts
Note: This step is performed by the database manager.
After being identified as a reviewer in the database, the database manager would make the submitted manuscripts available to the reviewer based on his/her expertise. Simultaneously, an e-mail entailing the necessary information will be sent to the reviewer.
Entrance to the 'Reviewer section'
To enter the databases, the reviewer just needs to enter his/her username and password in the specified boxes on the ‘Home screen’.
Password Recovery
If you enter your password incorrectly, you will be logged into the 'Retry Page'. In case of forgetting your account password, simply, go to the 'Password Recovery' page, and enter your email address. Thereby, a new password will be sent to your email address.
The direct link to the 'Password Recovery' page is as follows:
the site url/pass_req.php
Downloading the articles
You can use the navigation bar on the top of the page to enter to the 'Reviewer Section' and view the list of the articles waiting to be reviewed. You can use the same bar to go to other sections.
Review Section
The review section includes three items, namely New articles, Uncompleted reviews, and Confirmed reviews.
New articles
This section contains the manuscripts recently added to be reviewed. After reviewing these article, you can refuse to review these articles or complete the review form.
Uncompleted reviews
This section includes the articles with unfinished review process. You can review these articles again and change your opinions if needed.
Confirmed reviews
In this section, the confirmed reviews are listed just for viewing the review results. Therefore, no changes can be applied on the manuscripts since the review results have been considered in the selection of the articles.

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